HACCP Plans That Simply Work

A simple step by step guide to your food safety management and pass your audit

What You Are Going To Learn From This Guide

Writing a successful food safety plan can take a lot of time and effort out of your day -- not to mention the frustration and confusion that goes hand in hand. When $&@% hits the fan, it can be expensive to get wrong.


It doesn't have to be that hard OR expensive.


You can start with us. 


Download our free 12 Steps of HACCP, written by the experts at Dirigo Food Safety, this free download is exactly what you need to get your HACCP plan written.

Get EXACTLY what you need

Starting at Step 1- Form your team...all the way to Step 12- Yearly upkeep. This ebook shows you the exact steps that you need to do to write a great HACCP plan.

Make HACCP easy

Whether you are writing a Meat and Poultry HACCP plan for a USDA Grant of Inspection or writing a HACCP to pass an audit, you need a step by step guide to make it easy.

Save yourself HOURS of work

Are you done Googling your HACCP yet? How many hours have you wasted trying to figure out what even goes in a HACCP and having no idea how to read one. This FREE guide solves all that for you.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

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Alicia and Jennell

Partners and Dairy Entrepreneurs

Compliance, certification and support....

We engaged with Dirigo Food Safety to ensure compliance during a rapid growth period in our business, as well as to continue to educate ourselves and our staff with respect to food safety. Dr. P and her team have provided exceptional education, resources, and support to us. Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable for our business. We highly recommend Dirigo Food Safety for both certification and coaching. It is well worth the investment.


QA Manager

Easy and useful...

The documents are all just there and so easy to use, we had a perfect first run.


Farmer, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Grounded and focused for business transformation...

Dr. P is an exceptional business coach, mentor and entrepreneur. She knows how to guide the client because she’s walked the path before us. She’s guided me through a business transformation and the ups and downs along with it, she’s helped me remain grounded and focused to see the work through. I’m grateful to her for her guidance. I highly recommend working with Dr. P whether it be for life coaching, food safety or transitioning your business. You will be successful.


Cattle Rancher and Entrepreneur

Leadership and made a difference...

The leadership info...the reinforcement is key and has made a real difference

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, CEO of Dirigo Food Safety, is a veteran veterinarian coaching and consulting with the best and brightest of the local food industry.. As the CEO of Dirigo Food Safety she created Food Safety University, a game changing course for simplifying food safety planning for small business operators. She is known in the food industry and beyond for being an innovator and food safety expert. She has received numerous awards for her business and is an adjunct professor teaching food safety validation and auditing at Johns Hopkins University.


Food Safety University  and the other products Michele has created have been transformative, generating millions of dollars in revenue for her clients in just a few years and serving small businesses around the country. Michele is on a mission to transform local economies through profitable and sustainable food manufacturing.

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