Ready To Write A Great HACCP Plan, Pass Your Audit And GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

Your HACCP planning needs to be done, but do you know where to start? Join us for this free webinar and learn EXACTLY what you need to do to make sure your HACCP is compliant.

What You Will Learn

This webinar is going to be jampacked with lots of values on how you can write a HACCP plan from start to end, and grow your business passing the audits. Some of the key points that are going to be discussed are in below:

Understand HACCP Planning

HACCP doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to break it down into easy steps and get it done. From forming your team to your 90 day validation...you’ll understand the next best thing you can do to write a great plan

The 3 Tricks For Passing An Audit

Your auditor isn’t trying to catch you out...But there are 3 things you need to know to make sure you pass. You’ll learn all of them in this webinar.

Maintain Your system After The Audit

I have news for you...an audit is a yearly thing. They expire. And as soon as you get done with your first audit...you need to start thinking about next year’s. Learn how to let your corrective actions drive forward your business

I know you’re screaming...this is so much work. 

You're unprepared to pass the audit? You're badly done

Last spring, I had a potential customer come to me in a panic. They were about to get shut down because their HACCP plan was just wrong.


I looked at their plan...and I WISHED that they had called me sooner. I wished that I could have gotten their plan fixed before the auditor saw it. 


It was just short of a business-shutting-down disaster.

We had 2 weeks to fix it.


So we got to work. 


When my customer read it...there was a huge sigh of relief and gratefully turning it over to the auditor who passed it.




This whole episode was scary to the company. They thought they knew what they were doing, they thought their HACCP was great because no one had ever said anything about it. And now? Business shut down. Can you imagine how bad that feels? 


Enter Food Safety University. First, we re-evaluated the real risks, then we looked at the hazards and finally we wrote a plan that they could follow.


Then we had some more work

  • Resubmit to the auditor

  • Re-enter 90 Day Validation

  • Submit corrective actions on the rest of the audit

  • Schedule a surveillance audit

  • Pass

And that is exactly what we did.

But here’s the thing...I didn’t do all the work. It was THEIR food safety plan. That’s how I work with all of my customers. Why? Because a food safety plan that you just buy in will be AT BEST about 80% right for your company. You’ll have CCPs you don’t understand or your employees WON’T EVEN KNOW IT EXISTS. Yeah, this just happened to a customer. Trust me, you do NOT want the auditor to be the person who does the initial training on a HACCP plan to your employee!! Shame based learning like that works for no one. 


That’s why we do it differently at Food Safety University. And differently starts with this FREE Webinar.


Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, CEO of Dirigo Food Safety, is a veteran veterinarian turned business coach and food safety strategist. As the CEO of Dirigo Food Safety she created Food Safety University, a game changing course for simplifying food safety planning for small business operators. She is known in the food industry and beyond for being an innovator and food safety expert.


Food Safety University  and the other products Michele has created have been transformative, generating millions of dollars in revenue for her clients in just a few years and serving small businesses around the country. Michele is on a mission to transform local economies through profitable and sustainable food manufacturing.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Alicia and Jennell

Partners and Dairy Entrepreneurs

Compliance, certification and support....

We engaged with Dirigo Food Safety to ensure compliance during a rapid growth period in our business, as well as to continue to educate ourselves and our staff with respect to food safety. Dr. P and her team have provided exceptional education, resources, and support to us. Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable for our business. We highly recommend Dirigo Food Safety for both certification and coaching. It is well worth the investment.


QA Manager

Easy and useful...

The documents are all just there and so easy to use, we had a perfect first run.


Farmer, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Grounded and focused for business transformation...

Dr. P is an exceptional business coach, mentor and entrepreneur. She knows how to guide the client because she’s walked the path before us. She’s guided me through a business transformation and the ups and downs along with it, she’s helped me remain grounded and focused to see the work through. I’m grateful to her for her guidance. I highly recommend working with Dr. P whether it be for life coaching, food safety or transitioning your business. You will be successful.


Cattle Rancher and Entrepreneur

Leadership and made a difference...

The leadership info...the reinforcement is key and has made a real difference

This webinar is going to show you the exact steps to get a compliant HACCP plan AND all the other documentation to PASS YOUR AUDIT.

  • What are the steps of writing a HACCP...and why does my auditor care if I follow them?

  • How good does my facility REALLY have to be?

  • What other documentation do I need to show the auditor?

Watch the webinar, implement the system, pass the audit, sell like the awesome company you are.


This FREE WEBINAR is exactly what you need right now if you are unsure of exactly what your HACCP is supposed to look like and how you are supposed to pass that audit. Getting time with me like this usually costs $500 an hour. I am not asking for even half that. I am giving you this webinar for FREE because it is so important that you get a compliant HACCP. Click below to sign up NOW.

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